3165-001C HP Hydraulic Hand Pump (Skydrol)


This pump is used to efficiently fill a hydraulic circuit with a fluid filtered to 5 microns and to increase the pressure of this fluid up to 5,000 PSI (345 BAR ) with minimal use of time and little pollution. This compact device features a 1.3 gallon (5 liter)  aluminum tank.  It also features two pistons immersed in the tank itself which provides a double-effect operation to drive the pressure oil. The filter cartridge can be easily changed from the outside.  The high pressure oil outlet is equipped with a female quick disconnect coupling which connects to a hose (P/N 3309-000 or similar), connecting to a TG6000X. The tank inlet (located on top of the tank) is equipped with a sealed leak-proof plug, convenient for transportation of the unit. The oil level can be easily seen through a window on the side of the pump. In addition, this pump is equipped with a valve that allows it to decompress the circuit with fluid return in its tank as well as a standard NATO male threaded outlet (0.306-32) used as an air vent or to connect a hose for purge returns when needed . A level that can be dismantled is also supplied.