In addition to a variety of specialized and custom products, we are able to service our manufacture units. Furthermore, we are capable to repair former SEFA products. We offer complete revisions, calibration services and testing of all products manufactured. Our main goal is to return the units in the shortest time possible and working to its best capabilities. Our recommendation is that all units be revised and tested yearly to assure maximum endurance and safety. Florida Aeronautics’ customers often have the option to upgrade their systems, our dependable quality makes for our reliable warranty. Please fill out the form below for more information about repair capability and costs according to your product.

*Please read carefully about our Repair Agreement Policy, this document has to be Read, Signed and Returned by Fax (954-970-5205) or e-mail to before sending any of your units for repair.

Repair Division Policies and Regulations

To All Clients:

  1. Once we have the goods in our possession, there will be an Evaluation Fee.
  2. Each Repair Order that is received will be attended for Evaluation on a first come first serve basis.
  3. You will receive a Repair Quotation immediately after the Evaluation is performed.
  4. The Repair Quotation must be approved and paid within one month to begin the repair OR it will automatically be cancelled and sent back at the client’s expense.
  5. Florida Aeronautics will not be accepting packages stored in our facility for more than one month. Client will be charged a storage fee of $100 per month.
  6. Please Sign & Date on the appropriate line for agreement. You may send it back to Florida Aeronautics via fax (954-970-5205) before sending the goods.