350V000A Digital Air/Hydraulic Tool Kit


This kit was designed to complete pressurizing, filling, purging, and inflating operations while allowing for precise daily adjustments with reduced risks of leakage. It is compatible with the following helicopters:

Model Manufacturer Family
H130, H120 Airbus Helicopters Écureuil 2, and Écureuil
AS355, AS350 Aerospatiale  
EC130 Eurocopter  

The maintenance tool kit contains a TG6000X, a high-precision, multifunction device that replaces all the traditional equipment necessary to efficiently complete various maintenance tasks. This kit is accompanied by high-pressure quick release hoses and adapters featuring advanced safety mechanisms.

The 350V000A is delivered in an ergonomic, watertight, crushproof and portable Pelican™ resulting is a lighter, transportable, and reliable kit that requires very little training to use.

As per request, this kit includes either a standard US, European or British Nitrogen Tank Adapter.

This tool kit is the latest version of the former references: 350V000 and 3286-350.

Alternate NSN: 4920-14-436-4798